The beginning

Happy New Year and happy new blog!

As a start to a new year, despite it being soooooo hot, this one is going well. After all my mad Christmas preparation and handmaking of gifts, fudge, jam and pavlovas, I have been using the down time to think about what I want to do next with my ‘making’. I have also been hibernating in my house and garden and taking advantage of the very rare absence of children to rest and think and dream (and play with fabric a bit!!)

An art wallet for Ruby’s birthday – with my new pencil holders so that more pencils can fit in one folder.

Today I finally left the neighbourhood for the first time in weeks (one of the many advantages of working locally means that even though I have returned to work in the office after the Christmas shut down, I have been able to maintain my sense of summer hibernation) and headed off to have a haircut. Although I initially complained when my hairdresser moved to a new salon so that instead of a 5 minute drive I now have a 20 minute drive to the salon, I have discovered the upside – her new salon is near Spotlight…..where there just happens to be a sale on! Not only did I finally manage to get a haircut, so I look respectable again, but I also got to stock up on lovely fabric and yarn at sale prices! Then as an added bonus, while chatting in the salon and showing my hairdresser photos of my Christmas creative efforts, I walked away with an order from her colleague (which I made this afternoon as I was so excited to have my first one!)

My first order!

So after months of friends and family saying ‘why don’t you sell these’ I have decided that I will start to make a few things to sell, in between making things for the kids and myself. And the cascade effect of that means that I have a facebook page, a blog, and a few potential orders! Eek! All in one day!

I have one more week child-free, and one more week in the office before my angels return from their visit to their grandparents with their father, and then life becomes busy, noisy and delightful again! Although it is harder to sew with a house full of children, their input into the design process keeps things interesting! The dog will be happy to see them too – she has missed having a house full of people to spoil her.

Some of my learnings from the last couple of weeks include that I am still not a great dressmaker, despite my abilities to make ‘things’ from fabric. Or at the very least I am not good at fitting clothes to my own body. After spending some hours making a dress that I planned to wear to work on the first day back after New Year, (including three attempts to get the zip in properly), I discovered that wearing it would be a bit dangerous as the lovely cross over bodice that appeared to be such a good fit when I was testing it out, was only a good fit if I stood as still as a statue and didn’t breathe…..any movement more than absolute stillness resulted in the bodice gaping open and revealing far more of my chest than would be considered decent even in a nightclub! Oops! Still – at least I realised before I left the house! So now it is on the ‘unpick and remake’ pile. I need to take the dress up about 2 centimetres on each shoulder – which means completely deconstructing the dress, then adjusting and reconstructing. Although I don’t believe in setting myself up to fail by making rash New Years resolutions, I think I need to put some pressure on myself to do it before we find ourselves in the midst of winter again.

My ‘to do’ list for the next week includes some work on the boy’s quilt, more rows on the crocheted blanket that the artist in residence requested, and another skirt for the biggest angel before she gets home. Now to record some of that in photographs! (Which might also prompt me to tidy up the house before the kids get home too!)

But for now I must sleep.
Thanks for reading my first blog post!

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