What is important

After my quick earlier post I became responsible again for a few hours and cleaned up the house, and checked my bushfire survival checklist.  Tomorrow has been categorised as “Extreme” fire danger for my region, so if a fire starts near me I will leave immediately, with the dog and the budgie and keep my fingers crossed for the (feathered) chickens.  So the main part of the checklist I had to concern myself with was the ‘relocation supplies’ section.  I have all the important papers packed, and some clothes, but then I was hit by the same issue that always strikes me when preparing for an emergency……..what is important?  

I have packed each child’s special soft toy, and backed up all the photos onto an external hard drive, and have my wallet and phone.  Then I am left wondering – if the kids and I, (and hopefully the animals) are okay, what else is important?  If I take some books, will they be the right ones?  Will I care if my pre-digital photos are lost?  Is it important to save my wedding photos for the children to look at one day?  Should I grab my fabric stash as that will keep me happy?  I have packed the creativity suitcase I made for the artist-in-residence’s birthday, as being able to draw helps her when she is anxious.  Do I take Lego for the other two?  If so, how much?

The questions could go on all night.  So instead I have decided that if I have their special ‘sleeping toys’, and the photos, and we are all okay, then anything else is a bonus.  Although it is quite confronting to face these questions, I think that even if I had more time to prepare, I would still arrive at the same answer.  However I wonder what the kids would answer if I asked them the same question?  Once this current set of conditions is over, and they have returned from their holiday, I might ask them.  It will be interesting to see what they think is important – it might provide an interesting perspective.

In the midst of all this thinking I managed to pre-wash my spoonflower secret order and the great advantage of the weather is that it dried outside in the night air within an hour!  So with all my chores attended to (Mt Foldmore is still in existence but a lot smaller) I took the big step of setting up my etsy store!  With orders coming in from friends based on the photos of gifts I made at Christmas time, I thought it was time to set up a mechanism to control it all, so here I go!  I hope to list some art wallets tomorrow night, and then some bags will follow.

What is important to you?

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