Things that work

I managed to leave the office at lunchtime today and make it to the sale at Lincraft. My excuse was that I needed to buy a 22 inch zip to use in making the birthday present for my eldest chick……but I left with tired arms from carrying all the bolts of fabric, interfacing, wadding, and just a bit more fabric to the counter. (Sorry to all the other busy lunchtime shoppers who had to wait while I had my fabric cut!) No photos tonight, but I promise that there is a lot of colour, and a lot of spots! (And even better –  I did remember to buy the zip!)

I have been sewing all evening in an effort to finish the birthday present for my eldest chick before she arrives home (it is hard to keep secrets from her as she snoops, and looks for clues!) I can’t tell you what it is at the moment as she also reads, but can tell you that I am using a pattern that I bought on etsy from gingercake patterns (ginia18 on etsy). I am very impressed. The service was prompt, the pattern is really clear and easy to follow and is exactly what I wanted! So if you are interested in looking at any of her patterns look her up (because my efforts to link to her blog are just not working!).

My list of things to sew is growing rapidly. I have three orders to complete (do you like I way I nonchalantly say “oh yes, I am sewing up some orders” as if it is an everyday occurance, instead of something so hugely exciting to me at this very early stage of starting to sell my ‘things’?!), a quilt for the boy to pick up and continue after the interruption of the crazy Christmas sewing, some skirts and dresses that I want to make for the girls, the long list of things that I want to sew to put in my etsy shop, plus the Lotta Jansdotta “Bella” fat quarter bundle that calls me from the drawer in competition with the Gypsy Girl jelly roll and charm square pack, and the Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy fat quarter bundle! Good thing that the children arrive home tomorrow, which means that I start some leave from the office, and may be able to squeeze some more sewing time in between a camping trip, swimming lessons, preparation for their return to school, the organisation of their social life, etc! I am also trying to remember the advice of a very wise and very crafty friend who shared her view that crafting and sewing needs to remain a joy, so I need to find the time to do things for me as well as things for others.

I was also lucky enough to have a lovely phone call with my parents who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.  They truly did celebrate with a day trip to a nice restaurant, then a dinner out in their own town.  I am a very fortunate little bird as my parents are wonderful, and continue to demonstrate their love and support for each other in little things each day.  The nicest part of the phone call was hearing that my mother is going to come and visit soon!  I have warned her that I will put her to work on the sewing machine but as she is the one who taught me to sew and has patchworked for many years, she didn’t seem too deterred by that!

So my things that have worked today are my plan to buy fabric (and groceries for that matter), the pattern I am using, the wisdom of friends who help me to stay centred, and a lovely conversation with my parents. A pretty good day all round!  I hope that your day worked for you.

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