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As is usually the case when my days are planned out, nothing has followed the plan! In between a friend having a medical emergency (resolved now), a cancelled camping trip, extra kids in the house, the birthday of a very special 10-year-old (the recipient of the pillowcase from my last post) and rising temperatures, things have been relatively calm in the nest!

The boy has been overjoyed to discover that his Star Wars Lego Wii game which mysteriously stopped working 6 months ago, is now working. He and his buddy have been problem solving in far off planets for the last two days which has served the purpose of keeping the friend distracted, and the boy in one place! Of course they also had to negotiate with the girls in the house who wanted to be able to play “Just Dance” on the Wii, but they managed it with the minimum of fuss. The girls have impressed me with their ability to support a friend who was in need of a bit of extra love and support while the medical emergency happened in the background. The middle chick did explode under the weight of being overtired and the high emotions, but recovered relatively well.

In the midst of all this potential stress I decided to adopt my new strategy of doing more of what makes me happy……so I sewed! With kids busy all over the house I sat at the dining table and cut, pinned, stitched and planned, with the end result being five new bags to list on etsy! I have designed a larger bag than the one I had originally designed, so that there is an option to carry an iPad in it. I experimented with using bamboo fleece as the padding in one bag, but although the end result has a lovely feel to it, it ended up being very fiddly and took twice as long as the bags I made with fusible fleece – so a good lesson in that!  There are more photos in my etsy shop, and I will replace the two indoor shots once I have daylight tomorrow, but here is a peek anyway.




The birthday girl had requested a French themed party, and although much of it had to be postponed, we managed a few special “Parisian” treats for her. I opened “Madame Theresa’s House of Beauty” and painted the girls’ fingernails. The birthday girl chose to have alternating pastel blue and green nails, with a silver glitter overlay, while my middle chick had alternating black and white nails, with a silver glitter overlay and the eldest chick declined my services.   (Luckily the chicks had received a set of nail polish from their aunt for Christmas as my house of beauty doesn’t normally run to such exotic colours!)   They then persuaded Madame Theresa to open her House of Hair, and to use hair chalk that the birthday girl had received as a gift. The birthday girl chose to have blue, purple and pink stripes in her fringe and down one side of her head, while the eldest chick went for a purple fringe (which is long and flops across her face), and the middle chick chose purple, with blue at the bottom on one side. So interesting to watch these young minds work out what they like and what attitude they want to strike when they are allowed to! (Now I just have to hope that it washes out without too much damage – their hair felt like straw once it was in!)

The final part of the topsy turvy day was that as part of the French birthday theme, macarons had been ordered for the party, and although the party had to be postponed, the order had already been made up……and I love macarons!   Late tonight, after sewing through the evening, I found the little treat left by my gorgeous friend as thanks for my support – two beautiful macarons – one strawberry and champagne, and one salted caramel. I should have taken a photo……but too late – they are a very delicious memory.  They were a lovely way to think back over the last two eventful days and reflect on how friendships an carry us through the most difficult of times, and how doing something that makes you happy then allows you to help others be happy.

I hope that you have had a happy few days, wherever you are, and whatever events are happening in your life.

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