An exciting day in the nest today with a number of firsts! I woke up this morning to find that I had my first (and second) Etsy sales! I am still jumping up and down on the inside about this. It well and truly supports my current approach to life!

Do more sign

Then the temperature for the day hit a record high for January in this town – 41.6 Celsius – with a very strong wind. Not as excited about this.

So I took the kids into town to the lovely air-conditioned shopping centre for a quick re-stock of supplies at Lincraft. They all chose a piece of material each – another first! The eldest found a lovely piece in the remnants bin of black with brightly coloured musical notes that she is going to use to make a new bag for her piano music. The middle chick found a piece of Japanese lawn printed with blue roses in the same bin, and the boy found a fat quarter of black with a yellow spiders web.

After more time at home, preparing my first package for shipping, and making my packaging bags and tags, I posted the first parcel. A very exciting first.

Bird made me

Late in the afternoon, after a lovely chat with my parents on the phone, I made a decision that I have been mulling over for some time, and headed out to Costco and bought a new sewing machine! My dream machine is way out of my current price bracket, but this lovely Janome has all I need for now, and, as a wise friend told me, it is like a hot knife through butter compared to my beloved old Bernina! My first ever brand new sewing machine – and it has a needle threader (so excited about that small feature!)


However the Bernina is not being retired (although it will be serviced very soon) and instead I have moved it to another table, whereupon, with some guidance from me, the middle chick sat down and made her first ever skirt! She is thrilled with it, and is already designing more things to make on ‘her’ machine. (Sensibly out of earshot from the eldest chick.)


So many firsts in one day means a celebration – possibly of the icecream-with-sprinkles sort given the heat!!  And possibly some playing with my new baby……..then dreaming of sewing!


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  1. Team Maroon

    What a great achievement for your middle chick. Congratulations on a day well spent. We hope the neat is nice and cool. Thank you for sharing.


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