To do list for January……moving into February!

Ah ha – the day of reckoning on how I went on my To Do list as part of the link up from Pigtales and Quilts .  At the time just setting out a list helped me to give order to my thoughts.  I did, however, not really take into account just how many days were left in January!!!!  (The danger of the summer holiday  break where you lose track of the days!)   My results, as set out below, show that some things just didn’t happen.  However, I did do some other sewing and crafty things that gave me great joy, and now have a better plan for the next month, so I am definitely not deeming this a fail!

1. Make up 4 art wallets that I love.  Nope.

2.  Make up the 5 handbags I have cut out.  Yes!

3.  Complete 4 more blocks for the boys quilt.  No

4.  Design and order fabric plates for my packing bags Yes!

5.  Crochet 5 more rows on my rippled afghan. Yes!

So, with thinking cap on, my list for February – and actually allowing a whole month this time – is (in no particular order):

1.  Make up 4 art wallets or children’s pillowcases that I am proud of.

2.  Make an ipod cover for the eldest chick’s birthday.

3.  Complete 4 more blocks for the boys quilt.

4. Make a bag and folder cover set for a birthday girl.

5. Make 4 bags for the Etsy shop.

The main aim of this list is to remind me that sewing for my friends and family is more important than sewing for my Etsy shop!

Happy February everyone!

13 thoughts on “To do list for January……moving into February!

  1. Lovingbuygreatgiftsfromacrosstheway

    Good morning little bird, that is a rather big list for this month. Can I make a suggestion? Make up the gifts for family and friends and put them on your Etsy store and let us buy them! That way you have even more stock and we have fabulous gifts for your little people! Just a thought! Signed, Lovingbuyinggreatgiftsfromacrosstheway

    1. a little bird made me

      Hmmmm….writerwiththelongname……always thinking! However some of these things are not for my little people but for others….including people who have birthdays in the next couple of weeks…..ahem…..

      I love that you think that the list is long – I was so proud of having cut it down! Working on my balancing act will continue to be my work in progress.

  2. Linda in Calif.

    Well, good for you, you did get somethings done. (I didn’t finish my list either – so I’m glad I’m not the only one.) I’m like you the list helps me focus in on what I would really like to finish for the month. I did look at your bags in your previous post – very pretty!

  3. Carolyn

    I think you did fantastic! I didn’t get all mine finished either. I like that there’s really no pressure to complete just to join in and have fun in the doing 🙂

  4. cupandpenny

    It is so satisfying to check things off a list. Sometimes I even add things onto the list, just so I can check them off. Like, “Make a list.” Then I cross it off with a self-satisfied smirk.

  5. Thearica Burroughs

    Hello… I made it over this morning to visit your february list and wish you luck on your finishes this month.

    When you click on my blog name, Pig tales and Quilts , in your post … it goes to where my button is stored for some reason instead of to my blog.

    Would you please edit your post and edit the linked url to reflect this one..

    I don’t know how you got linked straight into my photo album… strange…

    Thank you for taking care of this right away.


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