The February “to-do” list moving into March!

The end of February slipped by in a rush here in the nest, and I have only just turned the page on the calendar and realised that I need to think about March! So first things first – to report on my progress on my list as part of the link up from Pigtales and Quilts .

1. Make up 4 art wallets or children’s pillowcases that I am proud of. Yes (4 pillowcases and one art folder.)

2. Make an iPod cover for the eldest chick’s birthday. Yes

3. Complete 4 more blocks for the boys quilt. Yes (more than 4!)

4. Make a bag and folder cover set for a birthday girl. Yes

5. Make 4 bags for the Etsy shop. Sort of – I made one for the shop, then two shoulder bag orders and three library bag orders…  I am going to give myself a “yes” for this too!

Hey!  I didn’t too badly!  I also made a number of pencil rolls as gifts for parties that the boy attended, returned to work and started a new routine, and kept all the balls in the air most of the time!

So – the list for this month.  Three days in I have sort of started already with one art folder and two bags – to be discussed soon.  But here goes:

1.  6 more block for the boys quilt.

2.  4 bags for the Etsy shop or for orders.

3.  6 rows on the rippled afghan.

4.  2 pillowcases or art folders that I am proud of.

5.  An overnight (weekender) bag.

Given that this month is busy – and I will be away for three nights this week, and the last four days of the month, I need to keep the list realistic!  So let’s see how it goes.

Other news in the nest – my mum has arrived to visit and help out!  After her earlier visit had to be cancelled we had agreed that I didn’t need her to come at the moment and we would just see how things went.  Then on Thursday I found out that I have to travel to New Zealand for work for a couple of days this week, so I emailed her to see if she could fly over (from New Zealand – yes it is ironic) to look after the chicks.  And less than 48 hours after sending that email, she was here!  My parents are truly amazing and supportive – I am very blessed.  The children are thrilled to have her here – the boy sees her as his personal entertainer, so has been building starships on her bed with pillows and blankets, teaching her to play his Wii game, insisting that she be the one to read his bedtime stories, and talking to her non-stop.  The girls have both managed to fit some time in with her though, which is lovely to see.  She took them both to church this morning while I took the boy to a birthday party, and they were so proud to be with her when they saw their friends – it was just delightful.

Of course, the boy attending a party meant that a present was required and as this is his “BFF” – his description (!!!!!) he wanted a special present, so requested an art folder.  When I asked what should be on the cover he said “Super D” (which makes sense when you know that the friend’s name begins with D!).  So I whipped this up last night.


The birthday boy’s mother sent me a message to tell me that he was delighted to receive it, so that made my day!

I also decided that, although I am enjoying making up orders for people, that it was time to have a bit of a play with fabric, just for fun.  So I made two bags for the Etsy shop this weekend.  The first one I am very happy with.  I love this Kaffe Fasset fabric – it makes me think of opals and deserts and all things Australian.


The second one I am also happy with, but the photos aren’t as stunning as I finished the bag tonight and took the photos with the flash.  The first lot of photos turned out almost flourescent and I couldn’t work out why until I realised that one of the children had changed the settings on the camera to “Magic”.      Of course.


This week will be a whirlwind with me travelling, the children’s commitments in and out of school, and being very busy at work.  Thank heavens that Nana is here to help out!

I hope that you all have a great week, and that you have someone to help you out when you need it.

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