Friday Finds – A list of tutorials to help you make great bags

Since I started on my bag making journey I have found so many online resources to help me along the way.  When I needed to put in my first zipped pocket I searched and found a tutorial.  Then by chance a few months later I found another tutorial that added a different dimension to the same situation.  I gave it a go and found that I liked part of it, but that aspects of the first tutorial suited me better.  Neither of them was wrong – each crafter brings their own experience and methods to their process, so it is useful to try different methods until you have the one that works for you!  I have loved the advent of Pinterest – instead of searching my memory for where it was that I saw that great tip on adjustable straps, or stiffening bases, I have learnt to pin sites as I go, and then refer back to them when I hit a problem that I haven’t faced before.

Like so many things in life, bag making for me is a constantly evolving process.  So, here are a few of the links that I have used, or have marked for use in the future, to help you on the path to making great bags.  Let me know if you know of any more!

TAlining 7.jpg    How to Line a Bag – Sew Mama Sew

                    Adjustable strap tutorial – You SEW Girl

Finished    Zippered inner bag pocket – U Handbag

                    Bag Base Tutorial – You SEW Girl

TA1clasp 11.jpg  Zippered and Slip Inner Pockets – Sew Mama Sew (with a bonus tutorial on inserting a magnetic clasp!)

  How to insert a magnetic snap – Tutorial by Rae

  How to insert the best magnetic snap ever – You SEW Girl

12-08-19_RecessedZipperTutorial23.jpg  Recessed Zipper tutorial – Sewing Novice

              Making Bag Straps – Hope Yoder

TLisa2fig5     How to make bag straps – Sew Mama Sew

Last but not least – a series of ‘How to Make a Bag posts ‘ from Ikat Bag that go through structure, form, straps, fabrics, design, reversibility and more!

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