Getting my mojo back

This has been a week of personal growth and revelations. It coincided with having to miss a lot of my paid work to care for children. Could be something in that!  I should post a warning that this post contains very little about sewing (for once) and more of my self-revelation musings!!

Having time at home gave me time to clear my head a bit, to think about various aspects of my life that I tend to tuck away into the ‘when I have time’ basket, and to rediscover parts of myself. I have written before about how I have found the process of making things gives me a chance to de-stress, to focus and to work through issues in my mind. What I hadn’t really appreciated before this week is that once I start that process, I also gain in creativity.

What have I achieved this week? As I wrote earlier in the week I came up with a plan for managing my blogging more regularly. I also spent some time preparing some posts for weeks when I don’t have as much time. I looked at my Etsy shop and realised that I didn’t like the overall look and feel of it. So I did some reading on taking photos, played with my camera a bit, tried out an Etsy App for ‘fusing’ photos (and abandoned it) and then re-shot all the photos for my Etsy listings. Instead of the outdoors backgrounds I had been using,  I have gone with white. I have used the macro setting to get some close ups, and to gain different perspectives on my pieces. While I can still spot room for improvement, I am much happier with it now. (And am happy to get feedback if you have time to have a look!)


Before and After


Before and After

I was feeling a bit virtuous by this time, so decided to keep going. I joined some Etsy teams, and created a couple of treasuries (curated collections of other people’s listings – not my own), and enjoyed that so will try to keep it up. Then I made the decision that I am still a bit directionless with all of this, so registered to attend a Right Brain Business Plan workshop with Canberra Creatives.  The timing is perfect as it is on while the chicks are visiting their grandparents during our July school holidays.  I am hoping to create a plan and focus my energy in one direction instead of stopping to look at every bright and shiny thing that comes along!

June 20133

Hey look – better light today!

All of this made me feel a lot more connected with the business side of my creating.  Which lead to my creation of the new bag design yesterday (in my last post) and a feeling that I had ‘got my mojo back’.  Which was interesting as I wasn’t aware that I had lost it!  This is a recurring theme in my life.  I think I am happily pottering along, then something happens and I find myself being truly happy again and realise that until that point I have been slowly sinking into survival mode for a while, without realising it.  A year after my husband left me some dear friends gave me a gift with a card that read “Celebrating the becoming of Theresa”.  It was a sharp reminder that by the time my marriage ended I had lost so much of myself, and hadn’t realised it.  Although the pain and grief that came with the end of my marriage was so strong, and still lingers these years later, the rediscovery of myself and the things that make me feel happy and alive was a gift that kept me going.

A few years later, after being a full-time single parent for a couple of years, I am conscious that I have lost a bit of myself again.  Creating things, and having another focus in life seems to be a good way of keeping those bits of me sustained when everything else is getting a bit much!  So the realisation that I had lost a bit of my creative mojo, when it returned this week, was a good reminder that I need to nurture that side of my life too.  I am not quite sure how to do this yet, but am mulling over a few ideas as I sit and sew bags and match fabrics and colours, so I will see what pops out at the end!

These are the fabrics I am playing with for my next set of bags!



I hope that your week is full of love and support – and that you are able to nurture your mojo too!

14 thoughts on “Getting my mojo back

  1. Tricia

    Firstly, a big *great job* to the new photos … love the white and the closer details!

    Secondly, thank you for the honesty. There are times when we all get lost in the whirl … we all show it differently, but we all amble over to the lost woods in a daze at some point. Saying so helps each other as we wander through to the other side.

    Thirdly, the mojo is shining bright! May it bring much happiness and peace your way.

  2. Louise Allan

    You have an amazing ability to articulate your thoughts, T. You’re a good writer as well as creative! I love this post. x

  3. knitwit19

    Your post really rang a bell with me. I used love being creative – drawing and making things – but then life got in the way. Trying to build a career, find love and get where I thought I had to be by my age. But I still felt flat, something was missing – and I realised I’d forgotten to do the things I love. So I got out the knitting needles, the drawing pencils and asked for a sewing machine for Christmas – I now I think I’m slowly getting my mojo back too!
    Keep it up, and I hope I can too!

  4. mariannedecher

    Thanks for liking my blog so I could find you. Fabulous site you have here!! I want to run an etsy business and I’m very inspired by your lovely creations. Keep up the good works!

  5. thekirakollection

    Great job, new pics are great. And great post as well…glad for you and your new or “old” found mojo! I’m constantly trying to get my mojo back – such a struggle! Kudos!


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