Another step

This week has been quite wonderful so far. I mean that in the true sense of the word – I have wondered and marvelled at all the lovely things that have been happening around me!

On Monday I had a great day at work, including a lovely visit with my career mentor, a good session with my chiropractor (who is helping with an injury to my back/neck/shoulder so I felt much better), a visit with a lovely friend (which enabled us both to laugh uproariously at the expense of her ever-tolerant husband), a great phonecall with another friend and an impromptu visit from another. All of those events on their own would have made it a great day in my books (even if only one of them had happened!). But wait – there was more! Some pendant making kits that I had ordered from Etsy arrived, another one of my bags was on the front page of the Etsy website, and my house was clean when I got home (courtesy of my cleaner, the miracle-worker/housekeeper). Then…I received an email from Sian at Janes Apple asking if I would like to be featured on her blog! Her site is great – tips for blogging, features on Australian artists, and links to her own shop where she sells lovely fresh original cards. I feel so humble to be asked – and so excited! What a great finish to a lovely day!

In the middle of all of that, those lightbulbs from the workshop on the weekend were continuing to pop, sizzle, flicker, burn and be fed by support and ideas from my amazing friends. I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who not only allow me to get excited by the things that make me happy, but encourage me and add their ideas to the mix. I have been working on my homework from the workshop and, if I follow my action plan, I should have some new ‘products’ to share with you within the next 6 weeks or so! I don’t want to give too much away now, but the ideas are fuelled by things that I am passionate about. Part of my homework was to prepare a statement of my ‘passion and purpose’. I thought it would be hard….. but the words kept flowing!


One of my first tasks was completed tonight (and much easier than I anticipated!).  This website is now officially a ‘’!!!    So my address is now  (My sister and her husband helped, so I need to give them credit!).  The next step is to register for an ABN (an Australian Business Number) which makes me even more ‘business like’. I feel sooooo grown up!!

As a result of all of this activity – no sewing to show you tonight.  Instead I can share the lovely prints that I have purchased for the girls’ bedrooms.  They are by Kelly and Adam from Colourscape and are just beautiful quality.  I highly recommend!!

These two are for the artist-in-residence as part of a set of three.  Words that I hope she will take to heart as she grows.  Words that are good for all of us.  Dr Suess.  A very wise man.

blog2 blog1

This one is for the eldest chick.  I am soooo tempted to keep it for myself.  It certainly says what I believe (as well as being a quote from one of my favourite bands, Mumford and Sons).


There is a new decoration on it’s way for the boy too….. nothing like these.  More Star Wars, glow in the dark, green and wise…..  Once it is up on the wall I will share the giant Yoda wall decal with you!  He will be so excited!

I hope that your week is wonderful too.  Remember to do more of what makes you happy.



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  1. craftinlightenment

    Wow! Front page of etsy again! VERY hip! Such a wonderful day, with such great success for you. Glad to hear all is going well! Can’t wait to hear soon that you are able to quit your job and craft for a living!


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