A reminder from Dumbledore

Ah the ups and downs of life! Enjoying the spring weather and a happy mental state one day, down in Melbourne in the grey gloomy rain and being called home to deal with dramas the next. When I found this, from the website Striking Truths, pinned by a friend on Pinterest this evening, it resonated with me.  JK Rowling, with her Dumbledore Manifesto, got it right.

I have to admit that I need a bit of extra inspiration at the moment. Parenting a child with a complex diagnosis is challenging.  I have lost count of the number of times I have sat in the Principal’s office and said “I don’t know what we do now” as something new has transpired.  Today was another of those days.  Although I always manage to pick myself up, start working on the next strategy, the next plan of attack, the next piece of analysis to try to understand what is making him tick so differently from everyone else, there are times that this all seems unattainable.  Today was one of those days.  I still don’t have an answer to the latest conundrum, but a bit of a reminder from a fictional wizard that that I can turn on the light and find happiness in the darkness, is just what I needed.

On a different note, proving that my mother’s assessment of me as impulsive was probably much truer than I gave her credit for, it appears that I have an au pair!  I had started the search through a site recommended by a friend, and noticed that one of the au pairs was already in Australia.  After exchanging emails I found out yesterday that she was in Melbourne – and I was flying there for meetings this morning.  Deciding that this was more than fortuitous I arranged to meet her in the 20 minute window between the airport and the first meeting.  Within minutes of meeting her I had the call from Canberra that I needed to come home again – but even having that window into the dramas in our life didn’t phase her.  She was so warm and bubbly, sensible and open and honest that my colleague also agreed that she was just right for us, and we both felt the need to hug her goodbye!  The chicks and I spoke to her via Skype this afternoon (after I had checked her references on the phone) and the boy begged her to come and live with us (!!!!).  So she arrives on Saturday!  Oh my!  (Hmmm….. mental note – might need to clean the house a bit so she doesn’t run on the first day!)   Much quicker than I thought, but the very idea of some respite and flexibility has me giddy!    That might just be the light in my darkness today!  Even though I have moments of complete despair, little things like this remind me that someone upstairs is looking after me, despite my balance sheet looking more than a little skewwhiff these days.



2 thoughts on “A reminder from Dumbledore

  1. Louise Allan

    T, I’ve never had an au pair, but I had a few nannies when I was working and the kids were little. My biggest problem was deciding who to employ — there were so many gorgeous girls who I would have trusted with my children. I used to phone the unsuccessful applicants and feel so bad, because they were beautiful and I could have easily employed them. Each time I advertised, the problem was the same, and in fourteen years, there was only one that didn’t work out. I think you’re right to go with your gut instinct even if it feels impulsive. There are a lot of gorgeous, responsible young girls out there. If it doesn’t work out, there will many others waiting to fill her shoes … Good luck!

    1. a little bird made me

      Thanks Lou. You are also right in the other comment you left me – I thinks biggest regret will be not going this sooner. Oh, and the fact that my ex husband will probably get to say ‘I told you so.’ I have also had nannies before and only one who didn’t work out – I can only see great things from this new arrangement. Thanks again for your encouragement!


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