Sharing the wisdom of Christopher Robin

No list of Friday finds tonight. I have found many things today, but none suitable for a list worth sharing. I have been re-arranging the house in preparation for the arrival of the au pair. Beds have been moved, floors cleaned, couch covers washed, drawers emptied, desk legs swapped, bookshelves slid, and many, many dust bunnies uncovered. Nothing like an impending guest to have the complete Spring clean kicked off! We can now navigate the hallway without having to detour through other rooms to pass the piles of linen, soft toys and assorted ‘things’ I have found, but we are not quite there yet. I, however, am exhausted.

Yesterday was draining, so a day of cleaning, sorting, moving and creating new spaces was just what the doctor ordered. The boy had a day at home with me, at the request of his school, and it was a happy, calm day.  I am continuing to explore strategies and options to support him.  Last night I read pages of material on ADHD, in an effort to develop another strategy.  The MIML rang and talked through some suggestions and ideas.  It all helps to push back the feeling of helplessness and being lost.   Today I made some enquiries with some local schools that offer different approaches in teaching.  I will do some tours and investigate further, while I explore the idea that he may learn more in an environment that allows a more flexible approach to learning, with a higher ratio of teachers to students.  I don’t think it will be the answer to everything, but might offer some different options.  In the meantime I decided that another quote is required.  This one, from AA Milne, spoken by Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh, is needed by both the boy and myself at the moment I think.

We are our toughest critics ... so give ourselves a break and reflect on this.

On that positive note I welcome in the weekend, and all the joy (and electioneering) that it brings.

If you are in Australia – don’t forget that your vote counts!!


3 thoughts on “Sharing the wisdom of Christopher Robin

  1. Winter Owls

    Wonderful words by Christopher Robin, something we all need to be reminded of at times. I’m not an expert on ADHD, but as a special needs teacher, I have had some experience with children with it. You know your child best out of anyone, but if you ever want to just float some ideas past me, feel free. Take care, you are doing a wonderful job. xx


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