A new space

Creating new space in our house in a physical sense has helped with the metaphorical space needed after the events of last week. Our au pair has arrived, settled in to the room we created for her, and has given me the space I need to breathe and start focussing on what is important. All the lugging of furniture, emptying of cupboards, and spring cleaning of the mind was worth it – and she has only been here one night!

The chicks are enjoying the experience of a ‘foreigner’ to share things with. The middle chick has been sharing her knowledge of all things Australian (her lecture on the habits of kangaroos was delightful), while the eldest chick is making sure she feels welcome, has everything she needs, and being very mature. The boy? Well, he has written her two love notes so far (this from a boy who doesn’t like to write) and has declared his love for her. While I am managing him to ensure that his behaviour is appropriate, it is lovely to see his complete acceptance of her into our lives.

It is also interesting looking at our lives through someone else’s eyes. We are already understanding that we offer something different in our home life – even just in the way we prepare and eat food. The middle chick made freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast this morning and the au pair, who I will refer to as Miss N, enjoyed it and then admitted that she had never had it freshly squeezed before. We also fed her tacos for the first time, and orange sorbet. After some grilling from us all we are excitedly waiting for mango season to start so that we can introduce her to that delight! It is good for the kids to hear how our life is interesting and impressive to someone else!

They all had a great adventure walking the dog this afternoon to show Miss N a kangaroo or two in the bush across from our house. From the photos it appears that they saw about 60 – 70 kangaroos so she was very impressed!! The parrots, cockatoos and galahs that fly around our garden are also impressive to a visitor. Again, it is good to remind the kids that the things we take for granted are interesting. In return they have learnt about wolves and bears and keep asking questions – a beautiful exchange.

Thank you to all who have offered support to me, and the boy. It is appreciated and gratefully accepted. We have had a lovely weekend with much laughter and happiness, so will start the new week with a smile in our hearts and see how we go.

Of course, given that this blog is often about sewing I need to report that none has occurred. However, with all the rearranging of the house I have been creating a new sewing space. Up until now I have occupied the dining table, in the centre of the kitchen/family room, in the heart of the house. With the arrival of Miss N I have decided to try to have my own space, where I can close the door and concentrate on what I am doing, so have moved it all into my bedroom. Until I win the lottery (must buy a ticket one day) and can build a studio out the back, this is about as good as it will get. Luckily my room is large, and has a huge window looking over the front garden, so the outlook is delightful, and the space is bright and airy. My plan is to finish setting it up tomorrow night and to christen it with a bit of creative indulgence – sewing with the door closed!! I am going to put a pin board up so that my business plan can be displayed and act as my focus and reminder as I am creating. Once it is all just how I like it I will take some photos – which will look so much better than the ones I have avoided taking in the dining room!!

No photos or quotes tonight. Just smiles, thanks and a feeling of hope as the new week begins. (And an almost complete lack of reference to the election results!)

3 thoughts on “A new space

  1. CUP + PENNY

    Now that we’ve unpacked all the boxes in our new home, creating a sewing space is on my to-do list. Right now I’ve got a large table in a tiny room, so it’s difficult to move around much. Also, I want room for a “mood board,” where I can pin ideas on the wall. And finally, the room must also function as our dining room, and be attractive enough for guests. A tall order! Please post any tips you have as you create your space!

  2. mlwilkie

    Sounds like everything is working out great!!! I am starting to feel a clean-up is in order too, we seem to have stuff just all over the place :-). I think I am going to have to do a Spring clean in Autumn again 😉

  3. thegrangerange.wordpress.com

    So pleased to hear that all is moving along in the right direction, it is important for you to have a space to cut yourself off and concentrate. Also wonderful that you have found a good Nanny, it is the hardest role to fill, finding someone that you can trust with the care of your children.


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