An invitation to share the love!

This is a bit different to my usual posts – you know how I like to keep changing things around here! I would like to invite all or any of my readers to give some input to a series of posts. I read amazing blogs every day and would love to be able to write or promote them all here but fear that I wouldn’t do them justice. So I am inviting all of you – whether you have a blog or not – to write a short piece about a blog that you love to read and why. Or if you don’t have a favourite blog, then maybe a favourite link to a tutorial and why! Then I can post your piece here and give some love back to the blogs you like, and, if you have your own, give you a bit of love too!! What do you think?

If you are interested – and you can write a sentence, a page or a paragraph, I don’t mind – send me an email at In the email let me know which blog/s you like to read and why, or which tutorial/s you love and why, and then let me know a bit about you, so we can let people know who you are too! Photos or logos can be included if you want – or not. As a starter lets say that I should have the email by Sunday 13 October and I can start sharing next week. If you need more time, don’t stress – let me know as this is all very flexible!!

I am also thinking about doing some cross promotion, so if you would like to have your banner displayed on my blog in return for showing my banner on yours for a month, let me know and we can work something out! (Muttering to myself that I really need to work on making my banner look a bit professional!!)

In other news I can report further ‘ticking off’ my list. Some medical appointments out of the way, a new driver license (where I sadly look my age), all the bits for making the middle chick’s birthday presents acquired, an appointment at the gym tomorrow, some better eating (not quite a diet yet!) and the dog walked. Oh – and some more bags!




How is your week going? And what do you think of my spur of the moment idea? Do let me know!

12 thoughts on “An invitation to share the love!

  1. Julz jewellery

    I love the colours you have used in these bags they are lovely and bright.
    I like the paisley designs especialy
    My craft is jewellery making but I love to have a look around and see what everyone else is up to . I do like handmade things

  2. vickymyerscreations

    Love your editing skills!! (I blame Windows 8, combined with the moment I realised the tot was indeed helpfully making his lunch but also eating cream cheese off the knife as quick as he could!)

  3. LubbyGirl

    OH yeah – love that middle bag! So much done . . . congratulations!! This is a pretty cool idea you’ve got there; I’ll give it some thought, as I follow a LOT of really fun and informative blogs.


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