Doctor’s advice

I have been stopped in my tracks this week. The details of how and why aren’t important (because they involve someone else’s story) but the impact has been a bit devastating. (Not complete and total devastation obviously because I am still here writing, so you can all breathe out!)

The impact has surprised me. I have had what can only be described as a rough couple of years with work and home, but have managed to remain strong and resilient and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I have looked after my chicks, focussed on things to provide time for myself (well – that is my excuse for my fabric addiction and I am sticking to it!) and kept it together mentally, more or less! (Some may argue less, but that is the story of my life, not these last couple of years!). I have been conscious that it has been getting harder and harder to bounce back, but I was still bouncing back. Finding new strategies, putting yet another plan into place. Not this time. Something unpredictable happened (that normally I would have taken in my stride) and my bounce went on holiday. Boy – talk about your body telling you that it is time to stop. A sign of how bad things have been? No sewing! And I watched a DVD yesterday. Oh my goodness – things must be bad! (I normally don’t sit still long enough to watch anything on TV, let alone a whole movie!)

Of course, things aren’t really that bad. I have spoken to the experts and know that all will return to normal quite soon, blah, blah, blah. I am just quite amazed at how my mind and body decided to tell me that I had to stop. I didn’t get a choice – I just slept for the best part of 24 hours. Now I am on a strict diet of exercise, rest, healthy food, and – praise be – instructions to cruise craft forums and sites. (I love a bit of sensible advice!) Because – focussing on things that I love and that make me happy, is the best medicine! (And the chicks have gone away to attend the celebration of their great-grandmother’s 100th birthday so those things that I love and that make me happy are out of town!).

Now I already follow a lovely range of crafting, sewing, creative blogs and sites – but who am I to argue with doctor’s orders? I am off to find some more – after a walk with the dog and my mum of course! So if you have any suggestions of sites that you want to share – please do!!

In the meantime I share with you my one piece of crafting for the week. Three granny squares made as my contribution to the charity blanket I posted about last week. (Well – even with the wind knocked out of my sails I couldn’t just sit and watch a movie – I had to do something!) I might even manage a few more before popping them in the mail to Sweden!

So – share your ideas for great craft sites – purely for medicinal purposes of course!!

11 thoughts on “Doctor’s advice

  1. Martha

    Sleeping the day away is a bad sign, I’m glad you listened to your body. I have always liked The Crafty Crow, though it is probably not what you are looking for. It is a collection of kids crafts, searchable by age range. I can nearly always do the age 6 to 12 years crafts!

  2. missiemessie

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend with some good, solid plans (anything that involves stalking craft blogs counts as solid!!) in place. Lovely granny squares you’ve made.. great choice of colors!

  3. aphorning

    I’m glad to hear you listened to your body and took some time to rest. It’s important to take a break once in a while, which is something I always have to remind myself. It sounds like you’re doctors gave you the best advice they could give! Enjoy your relaxation of perusing new blogs!

  4. Louise Allan

    Sorry, no crafty blogs to offer! Only love and hugs and wishes. I find this time of the year really hard — I keep my head down and bum up for most of the year, and when I see the finish line in sight … I collapse. Thinking of you. xx

  5. bestofcrochet

    Hi! Thank you for your contribution! Such pretty squares!

    I am sorry to hear you are going through a rough time, but it sounds like you do have solid plan. For me too, crafting has a balancing effect.

    All the best! xx Iida


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