And we’re back

What a day!
After spending most of the last week preparing the site for the domain transfer so that it would be seamless and professional, I got a bit carried away with my own technical prowess and just as it all finally went live in the planned seamless fashion…..I deleted some files…..and brought the whole thing to a crashing halt.

So, in between hairdresser appointments and photo shoots (’cause I am a super model in my spare time dontchaknow) I have been starting from scratch and reloading and resetting the whole thing. All of the beautiful finessing that I had done over the week is gone… there isn’t much to show for all the work except that (once I label the buttons properly) you can now subscribe for a monthly newsletter. That I will be re-writing. (It really was a thing of beauty – photos, tips, links, freebies….)

Anyway – it appears that I am back up and running, and instead of a great ‘ta-da’ moment it will be a gradual creep over the next week.

The lovely irony is? Today is my blogoversary! Ah well – there will be time for celebration when it is all working properly.

In the meantime a very belated Happy New Year to you all! I will share my musings on the whole thing after a good night’s sleep!

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