Making new things!

After spending far too much time fixing up my own mistakes in moving the website I can now return to focussing on the fun stuff – making things!  Over the quiet holiday period I have spent hours brainstorming, planning, right things down, making lists and dreaming.  Exhausting work!  As a result I have plans for more bags – some different styles, and some quite distinct collections.  (Sounding so professional!)

First up I am making a series of geek chic bags to replace those that sold out so quickly before Christmas.  Those blue police boxes lend themselves to so many different ways of being displayed for Dr Who fans!  I have also found some lovely police box blue canvas so expect some sturdy yet suitably geeky bags from that (perhaps even a ‘man-bag’ or two!).

Then I am restocking my overnight bags.  I have more of that gorgeous retro camping fabric in different colours, plus a few new ideas.  I will also be cutting out a few bicycle shapes to restock on cushion covers, and to start a series of bags with the handcut appliques on them – bikes, words,  and other images.

My brain is buzzing just thinking about it all!

So stand by for photos over the next day or so as I kick off my plans for 2014!

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