New Fabric!

Is it wrong to stalk the postman and the courier drivers?  I love the packets of goodness that they deliver to my front door!  The latest parcel arrived late yesterday afternoon and was full of delicious new geek chic fabrics from Spoonflower.  I just had to share the loveliness!


This one symbolises so many lovely geek things it just jumps off the page!

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Retro cameras anyone?

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Some new takes on old themes with police boxes popping up


And what is more geeky than a good old fashioned calculator?

It is a long weekend here in Australia, to celebrate Australia Day – the day when the British claimed this country as their own (quite regardless of the fact that it had been occupied by its existing owners for thousands of years).   Despite the tragedy behind the original purpose of the day, there are many wonderful things about this country that warrant celebration, so I am not complaining about a public holiday.  I plan to spend the weekend hanging out with the MIML and doing a spot of playing with the new fabric.  I hope that your weekend is a celebration of things you like.



2 thoughts on “New Fabric!

  1. Sheila

    Any time I am waiting for fabric or gadgets to appear in my mailbox I’m almost running for the door when I see the mailman coming! So I can relate and by the way I love the fabric!

    1. a little bird

      So glad it isn’t just me Sheila! Even my kids get excited on my behalf now – our postman feels very loved at our house


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