Bags, bags, bags!

I got a bit sidetracked on the weekend and went to a number of cafes – for lunch, as a place to sit while I waited for someone, for a drink before dinner, for brunch.  Which was all extremely lovely, but none of it got me sewing.  However I did manage to do some preparation for sewing – some cutting, fusing interfacing and fleece, and pressing pieces ready for assembly.  (The steam press is my new best friend – I will write more later but for now can report that I am very happy with my purchase!)

I started assembling bags yesterday, but was distracted by important things like my children and a friend’s birthday (yes – another café) so set myself some challenges for today.  The first one was to steam-clean my carpet.  The next to finish the four bags by 2pm, and the third to cut out (and hopefully start sewing) another 15 teething bibs.

At 2.18 today I can tick the first two off the list.  Hooray!!

I am about to list the bags for sale on Etsy but wanted to give you a sneak peak first.


I hope that your week has been kind to you.  I am off to list bags for sale, have some lunch and start on the bibs.  I might see you back here before too long!


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