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Last night I was privileged to attend the opening of a new creative space in Canberra, and the celebration of the vision, dreams, hard work and creativity of the brains behind the space.  Mikaela Danvers from Canberra Creatives launched The Makers Hub last night in a perfect way – champagne, soft drink, a craft project to make and take, and cupcakes that you could ‘pimp’ with icing, popcorn, easter eggs, etc. (for the record I had a caramel cupcake with caramel icing and caramelised popcorn – see a theme here?)


Of course as usual I was so busy talking to all the exciting people in the room that I managed to take only a couple of pictures, but there are many doing the rounds on blogs, instagram, and facebook this morning! (Have a look at Canberra101 and Blonde Ink as a starting point!)

The Makers Hub is a space where you can buy craft supplies, attend workshops, have exhibitions, hire the space for your own functions, and have access to amazing resources like moulds for resin jewellery, and, if the fundraising goes well, you will be able to access a kiln, letterpress, and more!  I am already eyeing it off as the perfect venue for tweenie birthday parties – having a craft session in a sophisticated and inspiring space and getting to go home with something gorgeous that they have made has success written all over it for me!

Mikaela has researched, planned, dreamt, inspired, and researched a bit further in order to put this together, and if last night’s opening night crowd was anything to go by she has hit the nail on the head in terms of having an audience who is excited about the possibilities she has just created for our community!

I got to talk to so many amazingly talented people – Jane who makes lampshades, Wita who designs gorgeous printables, Angie whose quilts are to die for, Anne who is a jeweller, Melissa who collects and sells classic children’s books, Grace who is a fabulous photographer, Nicole who has creativity running out her pores and will be running a workshop there soon, and so many more!  There were idea bubbles floating around above everyone’s heads, I swear!!

If you are in Canberra, go and check it out!  It is in Wiseman St, Macquarie and all the details are on the website –!


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