Being a brochure – Part 1 “The Launch”

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the kick-off event for the Human Brochure, and how everyone was worried about meeting each other, what to wear, etc.  And I haven’t really written much since.  Partly because I was flat out preparing for the markets, and managing family issues, but partly because at some point we will have a separate blog for our ‘brochure’ blogs.  But if I leave it much longer, as usual, all my words of wisdom and wit will have dissipated.  (And probably have a bit already!)  However if I write about it all in one post it will be pages long as our experiences have really been quite wonderful – and varied – so I am going to write a series!  (Wahoo – so professional!)

The launch was really quite wonderful.  It was held at the Nishi Gallery, in the New Acton precinct of Canberra.  This is an area that has been developed/re-developed over the last few years and it really is quite different from any other part of Canberra, and is very special.  I haven’t spent a lot of time there of late.  When I first found myself single again, a few friends and I would meet at the very lovely Parlour Wine Room.  It was one of those places where I didn’t feel daggy and old, even when surrounded by pretty young things, and where the wine, food and atmosphere was sophisticated but fun.  In short I loved it.  Then there was a terrible fire and the bar was badly damaged.  It reopened recently but I haven’t made it back since then.  And of course in the intervening period I have had major life changes which have meant that I have really become quite hermit like.  It is ironic really.  At a time when I am growing into my own skin and feeling more comfortable about where I am in life, I have also been battling a feeling of not fitting in socially anymore.  So the opening event was an interesting challenge for me on several levels.  Would I feel out of place,  would I hate socialising again, and would I wonder what on earth I had signed up for.

The answer to all of that is ‘no’.  The other ‘humans’ selected to take part in this adventure are lovely, warm, and open.  The opening event, held against a backdrop of an exhibition “Straight Face” by the artist Luke Chiswell, was wonderful.  A great atmosphere, beautiful food, interesting talks, and a chance to meet and chat with some of the other 101.  While all the photographers were whipping out their cameras and phones were taking selfies left right and centre, my phone stayed in my bag all night, and I was okay with that (until I came to write this post and realised that I had no images to attach to it!).  My words are my strength and I didn’t want to be missing any of the action by fumbling around trying to take a picture that wouldn’t work as well as the many others that were being taken. (well – that is my justification now – but don’t worry – I learnt my lesson and have pictures for the other events I have attended!)

We had a welcome speech by the head of ACT Tourism which made me realise that this whole adventure is really quite big.  Unique.  Pretty awesome.  And I get to be part of it!  I truly hadn’t appreciated the depth of time, effort, planning and industry involvement that was going into this until that night.  Here I was thinking about whether they thought I was doing an okay job using social media to talk about where I live.  What I hadn’t appreciated was that Industry would be working so hard to make sure that I had amazing things to write about.  The launch event really showed the high calibre of organisation – and of expectations – involved.  Very humbling to be included once I understood a bit of that side of things!

After the event was over we were invited to go to the bar at Hotel Hotel, just next door, where the bar staff had created a cocktail in our honour.  Called ‘Fog at Hive No 6’, it involved honey collected from the Hotel’s beehives near the lake (hive number 6 of course) and pashmak to represent the fog on the lake.  I declined a taste (which I still regret) as I was driving and needed to get home to respond to multiple missed calls from the chicks who were ringing to complain about various things happening at their father’s house (!!)  Hotel Hotel is an amazing building and experience.  I am going to take up their offer of a tour and write more about it because I am a little bit in love with it, so take this as a place marker!

After that, there has been no more discussion about what people are going to wear to any function!  We been provided with two sessions/workshops on using social media, and we have attended Discovery Events.  These are events designed by our local tourism industry to showcase what they have to offer.  We were able to RSVP to as many or as few as we liked.  I wanted to attend them all!  Reality, and children, and life meant that I had to pick and choose, and have had to cancel a couple that I thought I could attend, in order to address reality, children and life.  But the events that I have made it to so far have been amazing.  Stand by for the next instalment in my ‘series’, which I promise will include photos!!

If you would like to see amazing photos I recommend searching #humanbrochure on Instagram or Twitter, or looking at the website Human Brochure as there are some very, very, very talented photographers in our group and their images are just beautiful.


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