A sale!!

The last few weeks have been full of all sorts of news, decisions and sewing.  I was laid low with a virus for a while which, while making it impossible for me to do anything, did give me lots of thinking time!  One of the results is a sale in my (slightly neglected) Etsy shop – 50% off any purchase over $10 between now and 14 September 2014 by entering the code SEPT2014 at checkout.


After the sale I will launch fresh new products, so watch this space!!

I have had to make the heart-breaking decision not to hold a stall at the upcoming Handmade Markets in October.  I love selling at the markets, interacting with customers, getting a feel for what is working with my creations and what isn’t.  But to do that I would need to be creating and sewing flat out for the next month, and that isn’t possible while I am working to stabilize things for my children.  (If anyone ever says glibly that kids are fine and adapt to divorce easily please feel free to punch them in the nose from me!  5 years on and there are still new challenges on a regular basis.)  However it means time to work on new products without rushing, time to build up stock for the Christmas markets, and time to think about how we are living our life.  All good things to be working on and thinking about!

Today was Father’s Day here in Australia, so there has been much activity making in preparation for it.  In addition to the wallets I designed to be ready for gift purchases, I also thought that these ‘man-bags’ might be fun,

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and then spent some time playing around with a design for coin purse key rings, with a card carrying pocket.  I have been using the garment leather I bought from Fabric.com and it is sewing beautifully.


I also finished preparing the pattern to make this lunch bag, sandwich wrap and snack bag set for the magazine ‘Love Sewing Australia’.  I got quite a bit of positive feedback when I posted it on my Facebook page, so will be making a few to sell in the next few weeks.


I have also been experimenting in my free time.  I had a 24 hour period of no children this weekend, and while several of my friends thought I would be out partying (!!) in fact I used the time to try to work out how to put a zippered top in my messenger bag pattern.  I am not quite there yet, but think I have worked out how I want it to go in…..   after two hours, quite a bit of unpicking, some mild cussing, and a few light-bulb moments!  Hopefully I can share the story soon!

I hope that you have been having a good week.  The Spring weather has started here, with occasional days like today when you just want to bask in the sunshine, followed by days when you wonder whether winter has returned!  But that little promise of Spring is enough to see me booking a camping trip for October, and starting to think about gardening, mowing, and being outside more!


4 thoughts on “A sale!!

  1. gladeridercrafts

    It does sound a bit strange reading your comment about how spring is coming, whereas over here in the UK the nights are really starting to draw in and it’s definitely getting colder! Good luck with the sale and new items 🙂

    1. a little bird

      Thank you! Yes – I often laugh when a friend in the US is talking about the crunchy frost on the grass while I am talking about the crunchy sun-burnt grass at the same time!

  2. lovemyboxers

    Well I hope you’re feeling better now and also hope things start to get easier. My children are grown and still are affected by divorce (even though my ex and I had a friendly divorce) life sure isn’t easy that’s for sure. Those lunch sets are so adorable and goodness that’s alot of coin purses. I have one lonely one sitting on my table and still haven’t managed to post pics or write/ start my blog. I think I need some of your energy!

    1. a little bird

      Ah yes – the eternal question of where do we get our energy from?! While that is a pile of purses, I don’t show you the photos of the process, or tell you how many days it took to make them! I find that if I am making a pile of one item it is easier to do it in a batch, so all the cutting happens, then all the labels, all the zips, all the top stitching, etc. Much more efficient that sewing one at a time.

      And thank you for understanding about divorce and children. Our separation and divorce were not particularly contentious but down the line it has become so, because we have very different priorities when it comes to children and money….. But the sun is shining, I have finally made it to the hairdressers, and I have clean floors. Life could be much worse!


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