Rural update #5346

I have been posting my completely random rural updates on my personal facebook page but realised that sharing them here could be fun.

Farm life is all about the glamorous clothing when it is first thing in the morning and animals need attention!
Last night my chicks arrived home with chicks in a box, and this morning I actually got to see them!


It is another cold wet day today so my boy and some friends are building a fort inside . They insisted on picking roses to decorate inside their tents, and have gathered all the trinkets they can find!


2 thoughts on “Rural update #5346

  1. Beth

    I am so glad you shared! I hope you continue to do so. I really do wish I could have some chickens. My grandfather did, but I’ve always been a city girl. Everybody tells me that, just like any other pet, they definitely each have their own personality! I remember building forts with my brother very well but I don’t think we ever thought about decorating them. Probably because we knew our mother would not be happy if we disturbed her things! Now I think all forts should have roses and chotskies! It’s just great!

    1. a little bird

      Thank you Beth. Yes, chickens definitely have their own personalities. It is very entertaining to watch them organising themselves and sorting our their social order.
      Forts are a great way to fill a child’s mind with creative thinking. I was amused to see that the youngest of the builders, a 6 year old, had a pile of my novels in her ‘room’ in the fort, because it is good to have a library! She can’t actually read that well, which is probably a good thing given that one of the novels was part of the Game of Thrones series! There were also various soft toys involved in their play. My son normally thinks he is too old for such things, but in entertaining our two visitors he brought all the toys out and they had roles in the housing set up too. So much better than a day of watching TV or playing games on their iPads! (Now for me to carefully take it apart so that we have seats for breakfast tomorrow!)


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