The benefits of social media

Instameet |a little bird made meLate last week I received an invitation to attend an Instameet.  ‘A what?’ I hear you say.  An Instameet is when users of Instagram gather to take photos of a location, or a scene and then share them on social media.  Sometimes it is for fun, sometimes it is to promote an issue, place or occasion.   This particular Instameet was a sneak peek at the preparations for the opening night of Le Noir, the Dark Side of Cirque. It opened at the Canberra Theatre Centre last night, so our invite was for the night before, where we saw the cirque performers doing their tech run, watched a couple of strong men perform some of their act for us, and got the lay of the land.

Le Noir |a little bird made me

Jeronimo and Jessica, two of the stars, whirling around really fast on roller skates on a table top sized platform, during the ‘tech run’.

Tech run|a little bird made me

The tech run stage set up – and yes she is hanging by her feet as he twirls her around very fast on rollerskates.

Valeri and Yani, the strong men, showing us just how strong they are.

Valeri and Yani, the strong men, showing us just how strong they are.   

Yep – this is the upside to using social media. You have doors open that would never have been thought of before!  And you get to share amazing experiences with people all over the world.  (I am still a little mind-blown about how this all happens,to be honest, but am happy to keep seeing where the ride takes me!)  Of course, I take all these photos using my phone.  Some turn out well, while others just give you a ‘general impression’. (Which means fuzzy, out of focus but ‘hey I was there’ sort of shots!)

To say that it was an amazing experience is a little trite.  But the best was to follow, as we were also given tickets to the opening night show – which was a sell out.

The atmosphere was electric before the show started.

The atmosphere was electric before the show started.

It was a truly entertaining spectacular.  The costumes, the comedic timing of the clown/MC, the hair raising stunts they performed, and the breath taking moments when you thought that maybe, just maybe, something would go wrong!  It was sexy and sultry,and fast and loud, and everything in between! I didn’t dare take photos with my phone during the show , but luckily a friend of mine attended the media call and allowed me to share his shots with you.  See – this is the difference between a camera shot by a great photographer, and a shot with a phone!  (The photographer is Vishal Panday, who you will find on Facebook and Instagram as Wanderlust73.  I highly recommend checking out his work – he is amazing!)

11174699_738215429624667_1487939938612510674_o 11159883_738215792957964_6167385320952702210_o wanderlust73 | a little bird made me

It appears that we are the end of the Australian tour, but there are shows on here in Canberra until Sunday, and I suspect they will perform in other countries,so if you get a chance to see them I highly recommend it.

The interesting thing was that although we were invited to the very small, intimate after party where the stars of the show joined us for a drink and a chat I was too nervous/shy/not-wanting-to-be-a-groupie to go up and talk to them! Talk about a missed opportunity!  Next time – boldness is the order of the day!

In the meantime, life returns to normal for the day.  Sewing, teaching a workshop at my son’s school on making freezer paper stencils, and buying new feed containers for the chickens. Mundane after the highs of last night, but necessary!!

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