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New ideas in the quiet nest

The promised creativity bubble created by my quiet household has come to fruition!  At the same time I am able to spend a bit more time in the office, catching up on the work I feel I haven’t quite been getting to over the last few weeks.  The end result – I am tired but happy, and it is only Monday!

The weekend saw me finish the trio of bags in the lovely pug fabric, for a friend and colleague.  I discovered one of the downsides with using Spoonflower fabric – it changes colour when ironed with a hot iron – and of course the ironing is essential for adhering anything fusible…..  I didn’t come up with a solution to address attaching interfacing so had to just try to minimise the ironing as much as possible (of ourse this morning on my way to work it suddenly occurred to me that I could have just used a different fabric for that piece!) but instead of my preferred fusible fleece option I used bamboo wadding/batting and then quilted it to the fabric.  I am happy with the result.  Of course, as always I look at each piece critically and notice what I will do differently next time – definitely a longer flap on the satchel bag, and perhaps on the ipad.  But overall I am happy, and more importantly the person who ordered them is happy!


 So then I moved on to the next order I had waiting for me.  I have been thinking about this one for a while, after another lovely colleague asked me if I made aprons as she wanted one as a gift for a family member.   I found a number of patterns online that had pieces of what I thought an apron might look like, but none that had all the aspects I wanted.  So I designed my own!  As always it took about three times longer than using a pattern would, as I had to work out each step as I went , but I love that process of problem solving.  She had asked for a vintage style apron with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt.  She chose fabric from my stash and then I suggested that it would be nicer if it was lined, so we decided on gingham to highlight the fabric and to tip the hat to the vintage styling.  So it is a slightly over the top apron in terms of effort – hand pleated ruffles and skirt, fully lined, and with two pockets with ruffled trim.  I wanted to have an adjustable neck-strap but didn’t want a tie as that gets annoying, caught in hair etc.  (I am short and have a short torso, so aprons never sit on me where I want them to – hence my desire to have an adjustable strap  -it is ALL about me after all…..!!).  Anyway – I finally had a brainwave and made buttonholes in the end of the strap that wasn’t attached, and sewed a button onto the lining.  It took a while to work out how to make buttonholes that wouldn’t see the strap rip apart at the slightest bit of wear – but then I decided on inserting a piece of interfacing into the strap tube and hey presto (I did feel a bit like a magician) it worked!


I am very happy with the end result – although working out what to charge for it is the usual problem.  My initial calculations of time and materials had it being charged as if it were a ballgown!  So back to the drawing board….  and while I still think it is high, I always think my prices are too high until I do some price comparison and realise that I am around average for Australian prices.  (And really if that is my biggest drama my life is pretty good!!)

Now for the first time in quite a while I have no orders waiting to be filled.  Time to think about what I want to make while I have the chance!  I will have to mull on it overnight I think!

The other thing I am mulling over is a rearrangement of the house, which also highlights a need for better fabric storage – the piles of plastic crates in my bedroom are beginning to take over and are ruining the zen vibe of the room (that is so tongue in cheek).  I am toying with the idea of finding an old chest of drawers and doing a Pinterest makeover with fabric or scrapbook paper.  Of course I am also toying with the idea of cleaning out cupboards, toy boxes, etc while the kids are away.  If I don’t watch out they will be home again and I will still be toying, and there will have been no doing!

One of the great things about my quiet house is the ability to listen to my music without negotiating with the terrorists children.  My playlist for the weekend has included the album “Get Up” by Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, the self titled album by Busby Marou, Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a bit of restrospective listening to Indigo Girls, and a great shuffle mix that has everything from nursery rhymes through to hard rock – a little capsule of my life in a different form!  Such bliss.

I nearly forgot – I do have one new exciting creative endeavour coming up this week to share – I am doing a Beginner Resin Workshop on Thursday night.  I am looking forward to it – a whole new medium to play with!  The workshop is run by Canberra Creatives – and they are also building a creative directory, so tonight I took the plunge and submitted my details to be listed.  Getting to know people in the local creative community will be fun I think – all those new people to share ideas with in person, rather than just hiding online like the closet agoraphobic that I can be!

Off to dream about new creative ideas.  I hope that you have had a lovely weekend and start to your week.  (The weather here is so delightful it is hard to believe we are half way through autumn so it was hard not to have a great weekend.)