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A week

This week disappeared before I truly realised it had started.  One overseas trip, events to celebrate the 100th birthday of Canberra, a bit of crafting, time with my mother, and the week has gone!  The trip to New Zealand sort of swallowed the rest of the week, although it was worth it from a business point of view.

The last time I went to Wellington, about a year ago, I was nearly blown away and the wind was so strong our hotel was swaying.  This time, however, the city turned on its charms and the few hours we had out of meetings were delightful!  On the one evening we had there (having arrived at midnight on the first night) it was so good to be outside that we walked to the waterfront for dinner, and then home again as the night was balmy.  I didn’t have time to make myself a travelling work bag so took one from the etsy shop instead – and then photographed it on tour to keep myself amused.  It was a good chance to test one of my designs too – and it worked well!


By the time I got home on Thursday night I was exhausted but delighted to see my children who were happy and had behaved for their grandmother, much to my relief!  This weekend is a long weekend and the city is in full celebration mode.  On Friday night we had a spontaneous trip to see an installation called “Enlighten” displayed on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, the National Science Museum, the National Library and Old Parliament House.  (Sometimes living the in nation’s capital is amazing!)  So inspirational and the kids loved it too.

Enlighten1  Enlighten3 Enlighten2

Saturday morning the spontaneity continued and we made a mad dash to the steps of the War Memorial to watch the hot air balloons that are participating in the annual festival – including a Darth Vader balloon that had the boy very excited!  I didn’t get a photo but we may try again another morning this week.

We also acquired two new additions to the menagerie when one of my colleagues was looking for a new home for his Campine chickens, as he and his wife had realised that their yard was not the right size for chickens.  So Silver and Creeper joined Isabelle, Goldie and Yoda and, apart from a lot of squawking, seem to be settling in.  Our egg supply is assured!


After attending to the various household necessities (like grocery shopping) I finally had some time to do some sewing.  I have a number of orders waiting to be made and was fretting a bit that I wasn’t getting to them.  I have realised that, despite lots of great marketing ideas and creative ideas, I can’t really ‘grow’ the creative business very much at the moment as I just don’t have time to make all that I want to make.  I am realistic enough to know that there will be a time when I have a bit more flexibility with children and work, and that I will be able to build it up then, so for now am just tucking away my ideas for ‘the right time’!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese capes were ordered by a friend for his two nephews who have the same first initial and who, he informs me, support St George in the Rugby League……  he thought they should be the same to avoid arguments but I did put different patterns of stars on them to help their mother settle disputes about ownership!


A bag for a school boy to carry his flute music in.


A Tardis bag made with fabulous fabric from Spoonflower, made for a friend who has a niece who is a Dr Who fan.

After my efforts over the weekend I can tick a few orders off the list, and will hopefully get a couple more done tomorrow, before another crazy week begins.  Let’s hope for a continuation of the lovely weather, and some spare time appearing magically from thin air!

I hope that your week has been full of balmy nights and creative ideas!

Simple things

As the weekend is drawing to a close I have been reflecting that we hadn’t done much of note. Then I reflected a bit further and realised that we had actually achieved a number of things over the weekend, and that they were worth noting! I was trying to work out why I thought we hadn’t done much, and then realised that for the main, the things that were the most important to me are in fact very simple things.

Over the last week, with a combination of very hot weather, very tired children and some background stress from our friend’s emergency I have been letting the children have much more screen time that I would usually. Yesterday morning, after the children’s swimming lesson, I was negotiating once again with the boy and the eldest chick about who could access the computer and who could play on the Wii when it struck me that I had lost control of the house! So I promptly announced that all screens were off for at least two hours, but probably longer. After the initial 2 minutes of complaining, and the boy trying to trick me into letting him on a screen 5 minutes later, they all went off and found things to do.

The boy set up a very complex Lego scenario in his room, which involved lots of instructions from him to ‘his men’.

Dan lego

The he built a “Millenium Falcon” and told me that it was built to look after me, as it was made with his love in it. Oh my boy – he is so sweet despite his amazing energy levels.


The eldest chick also started building with Lego, and after repairing her Knight’s Bus, took a shoe box, some tissues and a pile of Lego figures and was playing her own quiet but apparently very complex game.

Ella lego

The middle chick decided that she needed to create (hence me referring to her as my artist in residence – it is almost a compulsion!). She drew another bird, based on the one she drew for me to use on my packaging tags (in my last post) and decided that she wanted to make it into a stuffed toy. So with some instruction from me on the order of things, she did!


Such simple things, but all of them were using their imaginations, which is the true joy in these activities.

In the afternoon when they were getting ratty I put them all in the car and we went and found 4 new geocaches. They loved it! The boy had to be hoisted by his mother to reach one tiny micro-cache, which he was thrilled by. Another cache was disguised as a piece of chewed gum stuck under a table (ewwwwww!) and another was a multiple hide, involving us bashing around in the bush, finally finding a panel in the grass to lift, then in the dirt another panel to lift before we finally found the cache. Again the kids were so intrigued by the sneaky hide that the time in the bushes, worrying about snakes etc, was worth it! One cache defeated us, so we will have to return another time and try again.

This morning, with no swimming lessons, we all slept in – another simple thing that gave me great joy!!

After a cup of tea with a beautiful friend, I had the afternoon to myself while the children were out with their father, so I played with my new toy. I haven’t found a name for the sewing machine yet, but one will come, I am sure! It is such a joy to sew with! Blanket stitch for applique is so neat and smooth!

So I made a new super hero cape for a friend’s son. The applique was so smooth I added a few more stars….. just because I could!


I also finished the present I am making for the eldest chick and am very happy with the way it turned out. Photos will of course follow once her birthday has passed!

My next simple joy was the bowl of delicious Thai-style sweet potato soup with chicken that a lovely friend had dropped off to me earlier in the day. The colour alone was joyous and then I tasted it – mmmmm mmmmmm.


A walk with the dog around the block, seeing cockatoos, parrots and galahs, and returning home to watch the chooks scratching around in the garden (they get to free range each evening while the dog has some ‘inside time’.)

Simple things but lovely things.

I then started to complicate things by dreaming of creating my own fabric to make ‘things’ from, planning toys that I could make, fabric labels……and started playing on our paint editing software……so now both the eldest and middle chicks are busy trying to get in on the action, with great ideas of what they will design and then have me make things from…….ah well, technology had to intervene sometime!

So – how was your weekend? Happy I hope!