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An invitation to share the love!

This is a bit different to my usual posts – you know how I like to keep changing things around here! I would like to invite all or any of my readers to give some input to a series of posts. I read amazing blogs every day and would love to be able to write or promote them all here but fear that I wouldn’t do them justice. So I am inviting all of you – whether you have a blog or not – to write a short piece about a blog that you love to read and why. Or if you don’t have a favourite blog, then maybe a favourite link to a tutorial and why! Then I can post your piece here and give some love back to the blogs you like, and, if you have your own, give you a bit of love too!! What do you think?

If you are interested – and you can write a sentence, a page or a paragraph, I don’t mind – send me an email at alittlebirdmademe@gmail.com. In the email let me know which blog/s you like to read and why, or which tutorial/s you love and why, and then let me know a bit about you, so we can let people know who you are too! Photos or logos can be included if you want – or not. As a starter lets say that I should have the email by Sunday 13 October and I can start sharing next week. If you need more time, don’t stress – let me know as this is all very flexible!!

I am also thinking about doing some cross promotion, so if you would like to have your banner displayed on my blog in return for showing my banner on yours for a month, let me know and we can work something out! (Muttering to myself that I really need to work on making my banner look a bit professional!!)

In other news I can report further ‘ticking off’ my list. Some medical appointments out of the way, a new driver license (where I sadly look my age), all the bits for making the middle chick’s birthday presents acquired, an appointment at the gym tomorrow, some better eating (not quite a diet yet!) and the dog walked. Oh – and some more bags!




How is your week going? And what do you think of my spur of the moment idea? Do let me know!