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I can tick two things off my list for today (and there is still half a day left, so I am confident that the third thing will be reached too!)

I have designed the school bag for the wounded middle chick, and hope to get to a prototype in the next few days, that I will share with you.  But more importantly I have successfully used the Scan’n’Cut to produce an applique!  No melted iron on glue, no double lines that splintered the fabric and no stress!

And here are the promised photos to prove it!

I ironed the correct side of the iron on sheet to the back of the fabric that I wanted to use, and while I was cooling, loaded the bike image into the machine and chose the right outlining option (yay!).  I then removed the backing paper from the now cooled fabric, and put the fabric on the (still slightly messy) adhesive mat.  I fed it into the machine, selected my pattern and hit the ‘cut’ button.


Roughly two and a half minutes later it finished, and I (using the right tool – a spatula) lifted the excess fabric from around the outline.


I then (still using the right tool) lifted the inner pieces out of the design.


Then I lifted the end result off the mat, ready to be ironed onto a piece of fabric and stitched into place.


Total process?  10 minutes.  Wow!  I just saved myself about an hour (especially when I followed the instructions and used the right tools!)  I am giving my new purchase the thumbs up!

I have to finish the bags I am sewing (one of them is for the eldest chick’s birthday in two days) before I do any appliqueing but stand by for further reviews!

I hope that your day has also had success stories in it.  And remember – there is still half a day to go, so you can still make your own success story – there is always time!