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Friday Finds: A list of DIY gifts for Father’s Day

While I am informed that ‘handmade is the new black’, the joy of handmade has not spread to the men in our lives as much as the women and children. Today’s list, however, is set to change that! I have gathered together a list of links to free patterns to make a wide variety of things that will all be well received by the men in your life. Remember – handmade doesn’t mean poor quality – it means high quality because it is imbued with the love of the person making the gift!

Father’s Day is a day to reflect on the men in our lives – our fathers, grandfathers, and the fathers of our children.  I am very lucky to have known both my grandfathers, and to still have my father.  I have memories of dancing on my Opa’s shoes in the lounge room, and of my Pop taking us for outings to the only ice-cream parlour in Auckland at the time (because as an American he missed ice-cream parlours).  My Dad is truly one of the good guys.  He provides me with love and support, humour and wisdom as he has always.  I am always grateful that I am his daughter, so Father’s Day is a special day in my life each year.

As you all know, sewing is my ‘thing’ so the first part of this list are ideas that are for sewn gifts for men.
First up – a hat! I love the styling of this pattern for a men’s flat cap from aboutgoodness.com.

Another idea is an apron for Dad.  I have used this pattern from Purl Bee and really like the way that the strap is adjustable so it can fit a multitude of sizes.  When I made an apron with this pattern for a family member I used printable fabric to print a picture of the children holding a sign with her name and made the pocket from that.

Last Christmas I made my father a sun hat using this pattern from April Cobb.  The pattern is a good basic one, and you can personalise it with your choice of fabrics.  I had to include some orange in the one for my Dad because he is from The Netherlands!


Another idea that I am keen to make myself is this tutorial for an iPhone/iPad stand from the lovely Michelle at Factotum of the Arts.

If you are a fan of making bags like me, then a cargo duffle bag is a great personal gift that he will get a lot of use from.  Noodlehead has the free pattern for this bag on her site.

For a ‘metro’ Dad in your life, Sew4Home has a pattern for this ‘Metro Bag‘.

For a Dad who likes a nice hankie, Purl Bee has a detailed tutorial on how to create a rolled-hem Hankie.

Another simple to make but thoughtful gift is a coffee cup cozy.  Hawaiian Paperdoll shares a great pattern on her site.

Another idea, and one that I have been playing with myself, is making Dad a wallet.  A nice simple pattern for a wallet is found on Allisa Jacobs website.

For those of you who like to crochet here is a list for you!

The manly man hat by Green Dragonfly is a great pattern!

I also like this ripple afghan in ‘manly’ colours (whatever ‘manly’ colours are!) from Lion Brand Yarn.

If Dad likes a bit of Dr Who or Star Wars, then Moogly has a great collection of patterns for crocheting a great range of gifts with these themes.

  Star Wars on MooglyDoctor Who Crochet Patterns - all free! Grab your hooks and allons-y! Dr Who on Moogly

Or you might like to make Dad his own Death Star Cushion with this pattern from Pops de Milk.

I plan to make these Opa House Slippers for my own Dad one day……  The pattern is on Ravelry.

Of course Dad could always use a new gadget cover – and there is a great list of free patterns in this post I prepared a couple of weeks ago – DIY Gadget covers.

As usual there are many other great lists of gifts that you can make for Father’s Day.  If you are interested in seeing more lists, or other ideas, you might like to look at the Pinterest board I have created as a place to store these ideas, appropriately titled “Gifts for Men“!

The most important thing to remember though, is that if you make a gift with love, you pass your love with the gift.

A mixed bag on the first day of Spring!

So many topics that could be covered on a Sunday night. The one most relevant to the day itself is that it is Father’s Day. Having been blessed with a father who has given me a life full of love, support, encouragement and the occasional hard question to make me think, I can honestly say Happy Father’s Day! Dad, you are half the reason I am where I am today (with Mum being the other half of course!). You have lead an amazing life, taken us on great adventures, and lived with integrity, intelligence, generosity and compassion. Thank you. I am very proud to call you Dad, and so pleased that my children have you as an Opa.


Father’s Day can be a bit tricky for my chicks, especially while their father is out of the country, but this year the day has passed without drama. They talked to their Dad on Skype, showed him the cards and messages they had written (which I am to scan and send) and that was enough for them. Time does heal a few wounds.

My day started in a beautiful way when I opened my email to find a gift voucher from a fellow blogger – her gift to thank me for supporting her blog for her first year! So generous and thoughtful! She is also running a great giveaway to celebrate her first year blogoversary, so head over to visit Michelle at Factotum of Arts and enjoy her lovely take on crafts (she has been making the most beautiful quilt blocks) and enter her giveaway!

My attempts to find rhythm in life to dance through it all have been more successful this week. I have lifted myself out of the little mire of self pity I had sunk into, had some tough conversations (including with myself!) and the results have been positive! (The beginning of Spring hasn’t hurt either!) Remembering to let go and enjoy the ride meant that a quick trip to pick up the boy from a play at a friend’s house turned into a 5 hour visit complete with wine, bonfire, a dinner stretched to include us too, and lots of laughing. Then this morning the kids and I went on a spontaneous adventure to the recycling shop at the local tip. The kids had a ball, imagining what they could do with the various pieces of discarded ‘stuff’ they found. We found a folding screen that I will do some work on to create a screen to use at my market stall, and a set of mini-shelves which will also be useful in a market display. A successful adventure! Not a lot of sewing happened with our various impromptu adventures, but we had a lot of fun!

The Spring weather has also meant more time outside. The youngest two chicks set off on their bikes for a ride in the bush this afternoon, and the middle chick took the dog for a walk around the block this evening – just because! The girls had their last hockey game for the season yesterday, so with the great weather and the lifting of the weekend sporting commitments, a camping weekend will be in order very, very soon!! Something about the sun being out and the air being lighter has me wanting to clean the house out, to make lists of things that need to be done, to renovate the front garden, to plant the vege patch, to oil the decks, to sew and sew and sew………… just need to find the time……..

While I have been pottering around doing bits and pieces of sewing I have also been doing a lot of thinking. Here in Australia it is one week out from our federal election. At a time when our country is actually not doing too badly overall, but when there is always a bit more that can be improved in health, education, our finances, etc, both major political parties are letting me down. Both have come up with policies on how we as a country should treat people who arrive on boats seeking refuge. Both are appalling. If the political parties are aiming at reaching the majority of Australians, then I am very sad, because it means that they think that the majority of Australians are racist, lacking in compassion, lacking in morals, and lacking in intellect. I really hope that they are wrong.

In addition to the appalling policy on refugees, both parties have consistently shown a lack of compassion in how they want to treat the less advantaged (or potentially marginalised) in society. Single parents, refugees, women, immigrants and low income earners have all come under fire in the various policies announced, or in the off-the-cuff remarks of the leaders. If some of the policies were aimed at long term improvements I could probably understand it, but each of the policies I read about has a smell of being whipped up to score short-term points, with little depth or long term benefits to flow from it. So disappointing, and so depressing. Our choices for the leader of our country appear to be between a misogynist racist gaffe maker and an angry bitter man. Voting will be so difficult. Let’s hope that which ever party wins remembers to be compassionate and to put the needs of the people ahead of point scoring.

I haven’t managed to finish sewing anything to share with you tonight, but can report doing a lot of work on my overlocker trying to get the tension right. Grrrr…… After completely re-threading it (again) I have almost got it right, but there is still a little bit more tinkering to be done.

Could this be a post without any photos? Surely not! So here is one of the first part of the creativity suitcase I am making for a special little friend’s birthday.  I should have it finished in the next couple of days.  I am enjoying making it!



This week is fresh with possibilities!  Nothing in particular planned, so maybe some time to tackle that long list of things I am inspired to do…….  Here’s hoping!

I hope that your week starts off with a kick of Spring energy and a dash of spontaneous fun!