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All sorts of developments

This week seems to be flying past quite quickly, yet at the same time a lot is happening. I am still off work so have been trying to focus on resting and recharging so that I can return to work on Monday. Of course this would not be possible without the support of my delightful mother. Part of recharging involves remembering to focus on just one thing at a time, especially while the chicks are at school. Would you like to hazard a guess what I chose as my one thing????

As a result a few new bags have been produced, and the cross body bag featured in my recent tutorial has been produced in all sorts of different styles and fabrics.
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I also discovered a lovely piece of burnt orange linen in a pile of fabrics I had been given, which inspired a new style of bag that I am enjoying playing with. Canvas and linen makes such a lovely combination!


I had a mild panic on Monday, wondering if I am completely mad to think that I can have a stall at the Christmas markets, whether I will have enough stock, etc, etc, etc. Instead of making a rash decision to quit, I decided to lay out all my stock to see what I had. And guess what? I have quite a bit! It also helped to see that the things I am passionate about, and that hang together best as a collection, are my bags. All the other ideas – pencil rolls, pillowcases, t-shirt, etc, are fun, but I don’t have the same passion for them. Which was the first of several lightbulb moments I have had this week. I also addressed my dilemma of stockpiling rather than selling – I will stockpile until the markets then list the remaining stock online for sale. And I will take custom orders in the meantime too. Phew!

This also prompted me to get organised and accept that if I want to take this whole making and selling thing seriously, I need to act seriously. So I now have registered business, and a registered business name!! Oh my! I have also had the next light bulb moment in where I want to take this all next year, so stand by for announcements, developments, etc after Christmas when I will be completing my business plan.

Then, to celebrate all of this in style, I received my copy of the latest issue of *bespoke* magazine which includes a feature on handmade holiday escapes – and features overnight bag, in the lovely fabric by Sally Roydhouse, aka Peppermint Patty from Spoonflower!


I have also realised that I need to draw a distinction between sewing for sale, and sewing for family and friends.  That way I don’t miss out on the fun stuff like making quilts or clothes, that doesn’t have anything to do with making money!  On that note I am off to make the boy a sun hat with Star Wars fabric as it is his birthday on Saturday.

I hope that your week is going well, and that you are having your own light bulb moments!

A feature!

Half way through the week already?

My exciting news tonight is that I am featured on the lovely blog Janes Apple.  I am used to seeing the photos of my bags and pencil holders, but somehow seeing them on someone else’s blog makes them look a bit more ‘professional’!    Please go and support Sian on her blog – she puts a lot of effort into supporting and promoting Australian craftspeople and artists – and has a lovely range of cards too!  I am so honoured to have been featured.  It has me turning my mind to how much I enjoy reading about other crafters, and wondering whether I might also invite some to be featured here to share with you all.  One for the drawing board!

I also need to say thank you to all the wonderful friends who have responded with so much support after my post about my boy on Sunday.  As the week has gone on the medication is starting to take effect and his teacher is seeing a real difference in his ability to stay in the classroom and stay on task.  So it looks like we are on the right path.  Of course, the medication wears off mid-afternoon, so we are seeing little benefit at home, but just having him focussed at school is a huge change for us all.  Most importantly, he is happy.

I have been busy sewing this week, but nothing to display of any significance.  I am back to making more costumes for the school production.  This time I have cut up pale blue sheets to make 16 sashes.  I will hopefully finish them tonight, which will free me up to return to the things I love doing!  This time next week the costumes will have been on stage and the sewing will be over!  There will be a large glass of champagne at interval with my name on it I suspect!

With everything that has been happening at home I have drifted slightly from my business plan activity.  However my workshop friends have continued to post their progress, so I am not losing sight of the goals, and today took delivery of the Right Brain Business planning book.  Although I had downloaded it to my Kindle app, there is something about the pages of a book that makes it easier to read, feel and think about.  I think it might be just the incentive to re-engage with the process that I needed.

My house is a busy one at present.  I have a cousin from The Netherlands here for the night, a child having a surgical procedure under general anaesthetic on Friday, and all the usual sports and school activities.  I need to find time to squeeze in some making and doing and sewing……

I hope that you are having a great week.